Coming up: 20/4/15 – 26/4/15

Posted April 20, 2015


On Wednesday night Linn Oberg will be performing live, with support from Luna Green and Honeymilk. Oberg creates music that is both uplifting and dreamy that contrasts perfectly with the strength behind her vocals. As always entry is free, so come down and be enchanted by this Swedish songstress.

Viral nights return to the Lock on Thursday for a night of the best up-and-coming bands. Performances from the spacey Blonde Bunny, the glam-rock Lupo and dark brooding psych from Lucifer’s Sun. Doors are at 8pm.

On Sunday Mojo Filter are hosting an all-dayer in celebration of the release of their debut album! There are a whole range of special guests including Zero 7, Tythe, Leo Zero and The Secret Garden Party’s very own Head Gardener. So come and kick back in the sun, and enjoy a roast alongside some heady daytime grooves.

Coming Up: 13/4/15 – 19/4/15

Posted April 13, 2015


Play It Forward returns to the Lock Tavern this Thursday for a night of live music with a difference: The artists names are put into envelopes and pulled out at random, this then forms the running order of the night. Each artist then takes to the stage to perform three tracks of their own choice. They then join forces with the artist before and after them to collaborate on a track. Expect performances from Dan Owen, George Pelham, NADINE, XY&O and Lauren Tracey.

Clockwork takeover the Lock on Friday for another evening of guaranteed live music fun. Avante Black and Son Joan will be supporting a mystery headliner, and it’s the perfect way to kick off a great weekend.

Lock Tavern Festival: A Few Words With Post Louis

Posted April 9, 2015


London duo Post Louis agreed to speak with us around their excellent Lock Tavern Festival set last week. Check out their track ‘Fragility’ below and read their enlightening interview here!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 17.42.44

Hi, Post Louis. How do?

I’m good thanks, how are you?

How would you describe the Post Louis sound?

Textured guitar music. The vocals and guitars tend to fight a bit. That’s only partly a euphemism.

What does London mean to you? Does your neighbourhood influence your sound? 

London is my home and I have grown up here. I love living in London. When we write instrumental parts we’re strongly influenced by other musical reference points and by what we want each song to achieve. Meanwhile, the lyrics focus on human relationships and damage. Concrete imagery is fine but I tend to prefer the very granular (pharmaceuticals, skin, hotel rooms, body-building, pilots) to anything that gives away a specific geography or a time. So I’m not sure you’d guess we are from London from the music – apart from the accent, maybe.

Favourite shade of blue and why? 

RGB = 151.170.184 – i.e. the one in these images: Did you ask the other bands this question too?

In early April, you’re heading back into the studio. Anything you can divulge about the new stuff?

The pieces we have written already are a bit soggier and darker than the second EP. The songs are pretty expansive and we are allowing ourselves to be fractionally more upfront with how direct they are (lyrically and musically). Let’s wait and see if this works. 

Do you have any favourite venues to play?

We’ve played a couple of headline shows at the Sebright Arms with Parallel Lines – the sound there is great and it’s a lovely venue. Mattis (our drummer) lives and works at the Norwegian Church in London ( and we spent some time last summer staying there and rehearsing in the church. It’s beautiful. At the end we had an open rehearsal and party for our friends, and a Norwegian family were visiting the church on holiday came with their little kids to watch us.

In terms of venues that are still on the list… a friend of ours called Will who’s a tour manager has a house boat, and used to put on shows on it. He has put a drum kit on top of the boat before. So next I would like to play on his boat (which also doubled as a hat shop called “Chapeau Bateau”)

How do you feel that playing with an expanded lineup changes the dynamic of your music?

The line up has swelled and changed quite a lot over the last couple of years. It’s gone between 2 and 6 people and at points it has felt much like a collective, with many close friends and family involved – including both of mine and Robbie’s younger brothers. Now that we’ve spent more time working on the live show, we can write with it in mind. The playing styles of the band members are important. Adam (bassist) has been in a few punk bands previously; Andy (guitar) has hands shaped/marred by years of classical training; Mattis (drummer) is a tough drummer but his playing is also very responsive. So this has had an impact on what we are capable of live. 

It feels like a tight unit now and is intense on stage. There is a lot of trust. This might be why the new material is quite raw – we feel we have the band to carry it.

What’s next for Post Louis?

We are playing this current run of shows in London (named Passover Shows in homage to Yo La Tengo’s Hannukah series’ at Maxwell’s, though we could hardly have picked a less appropriate holiday). Then we plan to spend the summer focused on writing and recording, as well as our day jobs… We’ll be back towards the end of the year to do some touring and share new material.

Famous last words?

It’s a great song:

Thank you for your patience.

Lock Tavern Festival: A Few Words With Our Girl

Posted April 8, 2015



London-Brighton hybrid Our Girl have been turning heads since they began gigging at the end of 2013 and changed their name from Soph Nathan at the end of last year. We had a word with the trio about the current and future plans, but in the meantime, listen to their first recorded track below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 16.56.04


LT: How would you describe Our Girl’s sound?

Lauren: People always comment on the contrast of soft and harsh in our music, Soph’s soft vocals against harsh distorted guitars or drums.

LT: Your band fuses London and Brighton—how do you feel those two cities influence you?

Lauren: Brighton is very chilled, there’s a lot more of a collaborative community around music there, which is why I think so much great music is coming out of Brighton at the moment. London is a lot more competitive, which is sometimes good, in small doses. You definitely grow-up quickly as a band playing and writing in London!

Soph: Yeah Brighton is a great place to start playing shows. We have friends who play in bands which has been really encouraging. It’s nice supporting each other and also really fun being able to play together – our friends have just started a collective called Echo champ which is awesome.

 Josh: Playing in Brighton and living here is great, there’s a really good musical environment which is nice to be part of… At the same time we’re always in London and we always practice there so it feels like home. 

LT: Brighton crowds or London crowds?

Lauren: That’s hard, we’ve been lucky enough to get love from both London and Brighton crowds, they’re pretty different. In Brighton people always go for it, London is a lot more polite, which can be good in some of our quieter songs, both are great though.

LT:  If you were to see any bill of three bands—regardless of era—what three bands would they be?

Lauren: Three is hard! Fleetwood Mac, Arcade Fire, jeff Buckley, but then also Bikini Kill, Marvin Gaye, Elliott Smith, Warpaint, Fugazi… too many to choose from!

Soph: Deerhunter and Portishead. I’m seeing Courtney Barnett tonight and I’m so excited that it’s hard to imagine wanting to see any other band right now.

Josh: Nick Drake, although it could take some of the mystery that draws me to him away, Fleet Foxes w/josh tillman and Sigur Ros.  Do you have any favourite venues to play?

Soph: Playing at OBL is always fun. Really enjoyed playing at The Social recently too, it’s quite a weird space but has a really good atmosphere.Lauren:We’re playing 100 Club this week, i’m looking forward to that, just because it’s so historic, so many great bands have played there.

 Josh: Sidford Village Hall.  

LT: What’s next for Our Girl? 

Lauren: Going to record our first single soon, carry on playing shows and write a load of new stuff. 

LT: Famous last words?

We’re scared of roller coasters.


Lock Tavern Festival Preview: A Few Words with Pinact

Posted March 31, 2015

It’s just two more days before The Lock Tavern Festival kicks into gear, and today, we’re hearing from Glasgow-based two-piece Pinact. Their frenetic, fuzzed-out pop sound has carried them for two EPs so far, and we can’t wait to hear their debut album, Stand Still and Rot, due to come out on Kanine Records on May 19th. They’ve got a brand new music video for their track ‘Anxiety’ below which premiered on CultureCollide just yesterday. Pinact’s answers to our queries are just below.

LT: Hi, Pinact. How do?

PI: Hi there! Very well thanks.

LT: How would you describe the Pinact sound?

PI: It’s loud, it’s fuzzy, it’s poppy and it’s melodic.  It’s fast, it’s slow, and quiet at times.  The songs are generally quite short and straight to the point.  The band has a pretty minimal set up just now with it being a two piece.  I think I’ve constantly been trying to push the limitations of that so who knows where the sound is going to go.

LT: There’s a lot of talent coming out of Glasgow at the moment. What do you make of the Glasgow scene?

PI: Glasgow is great right now. There are a bunch of really really good bands and there is a real sense of community between them.  It’s kind of the perfect size.  It’s big enough to have the excitement you get from larger cities but it’s small enough that you can get to know people very quickly.  It’s sort of the central hub for music in Scotland, everyone moves here.

LT: Fingers or Thumbs?

PI: Fingers, Always.

LT: Who did the artwork for the Min Diesel Split, and how did you guys and Min Diesel get together?

PI: Izzie Mack did the artwork for it.  Min Diesel are from Aberdeen and we’ve always played there fairly regularly.  We met the drummer, Stu, the first time we played there and then we started booking shows together across Scotland and the rest of the UK.  They’re very very good friends of ours now and they have an album coming out next month which is gonna be so great!

LT: Do you have any favourite venues to play?

PI: I think my favourite show so far was when we played at the Old Blue Last back in July last summer.

LT: It was packed and people were really responsive to what we were doing.  It’s nice to come to the other end of the country and get a reaction like that.

PI: Do you guys have an album on the way?

LT: We sure do!  It’s called ‘Stand Still and Rot’ and it’s coming out on Kanine Records on the 18th May.

PI: We recorded it with MJ from Hookworms last year and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

LT: What’s for tea?

PI: Please no more hummus and pitta bread….

LT: What’s next for Pinact?

PI: Well the album comes out in May which is exciting.  We’re gonna go play it for as long as people want to hear it.  Hopefully we will make it back to the US for some shows and then we’re going to start on the next one.

LT: Thanks Pinact, famous last words?

There’s no way of telling what direction this is heading.

Lock Tavern Festival Preview: A Few Words with The Drink

Posted March 30, 2015


We’re revving up to this weekend’s Lock Tavern Festival, and to get ready, we’ve asked some of our guests to answer some questions to get us in the spirit.
First up is The Drink. Formed of the former rhythm section of Fighting Kites and lead singer and songwriter Dearbhla Minogue, their releases so far straddle angular guitar pop and dark folk. The first unsigned band ever stocked at Rough Trade, we’re pleased to have them on Saturday, April 4th at The Lock Tavern Festival supporting The Voyeurs. Have a listen at this link.




LT: How would you describe The Drink’s sound?


TD: I’ve stopped trying to describe it other than that it’s a guitar band because I only know about 2 genres.


LT: Dearbhla, you’re originally from Galway, but your band is based in London. Do you feel that your hometown is important to your sound, and how has London influenced you?


TD: There was a lot of brilliant folk music, American and Irish, being played in the village where I grew up so I definitely am influenced by the songs and the attitude to music that exists there, it’s very social and accessible to everyone, and also I started joining in sessions when I was about 16 so got my singing confidence up early.


LT: Tell me about the best birthday you’ve ever had.
TD: My sister sent me a rainbow cake last birthday which was very nice, she knew I lived with about 10 people so the cake was the size of a house.
LT: Tell me about the new single, ‘Playground.’ How did it come about, and are you pleased with how it’s been received?

TD: I think it’s been played a lot on the radio which is nice, and I’m glad people like it.
LT: Do you have any favourite venues to play?
TD: Really love New River Studios in Manor House.


LT: Any album plans coming up?
TD: Recording it right now in Sheffield!
LT: What’s next for The Drink?
TD: A good few gigs hopefully and a new album, looking forward to doing some festivals this year too.
LT: Famous last words?

TD: Fix it in the mix!


New line-up announcements for The Lock Tavern Festival!

Posted March 26, 2015


Very exciting news from the Lock Tavern Festival!

Andrew Ashong, Fickle Friends, Snow Ghosts, Wyles & Simpson and Lupo will all be joining the already amazing line-up to play live! And on top of that we have DJ sets from the incredible Murkage Dave (who normally hits the decks with Mike Skinner), Sunday Best and loads more!

There is also going to be all day entertainment from the awesome guys at The House of Hot Breath and their Tape Measure Challenge, as well as the Black Wax Record Shack and lots of other fun and games.  You can also explore the Lock’s famous garden for some tasty treats from some of London’s best pop-ups, so get yourself down for four days of serious fun in the sun.

Check out our Spotify playlist here to have a listen to the full line-up! Grab your free ticket from Billetto or Dice for guaranteed entry.


Coming Up: 16/3/15 – 22/3/15

Posted March 16, 2015


Live music kicks off at the Lock tavern this Thursday with Play It Forward, a collaborative night presented by the online Music channel IAmMusic. Head down for live performances from the brilliant Arcaves and Lewis Paul.

Continuing the fun on Friday is Clockwork with another indie/garage/rock party. Holy Thursday are playing live with support from The Rhubarb Triangle and BRITAIN - make sure you don’t miss their unique brand of freakbeat foot stompers and psych mayhem.

Moonshiner Records are back at the Lock on Saturday, this time celebrating the release of math-grunge-pop Screens new single ‘Smells Like Old Spice’, produced by none other than Steve Albini. Live performances from Screens, Maybug, Lovelace and HOO HA’s, as well as Francobollo DJ’s til close!

Coming up: 09/03/15 – 15/03/15

Posted March 9, 2015


Coming up on Thursday post-wave noiseniks Dressmaker celebrate the release of their new single ‘Love Me.’ Support comes from the post-punk psychedelic Climbing Boys, You The Living and Love Camp. As ever entry is free, so get yourself down.

German rockers Astral Pattern kick off your friday evening with some ace new recordings. This is a unique opportunity to catch their debut material in an intimate setting, and with support from the rock n roll songstress Tess Parks, make sure you don’t miss out.

The weekend continues with a disco-filled Saturday night from the awesome guys at ASBO. Hardway Brother and Weatherall collaborator Sean Johnston will be gracing the Lock Tavern to bring his special brand of beats, its going to be wild!

COMING UP: 02/03/15 – 08/03/15

Posted March 2, 2015


Lanzarote takes over The Lock Tavern on Thursday to present Leave the Planet. Masters of ethereal shoe-gaze and with an arsenal of great songs, the dream-pop duo will guarantee a brilliant night of live music. On Friday Murkage Dave will be seeing in your weekend with some great nineties and noughties tunes – expect the best hip-hop and RnB jams.

Saturday night sees the 3rd installment of The Burger Revolution. PNKSLM and Burger Records are bringing the london leg of their worldwide tour to The Lock, and with free entry and a killer line-up be sure to get down early. Sets from Mozes and The Firstborn, Lucern Raze, Thee MVPs, Abjects and The Whig Whams.

Indie pop moguls Cool for Cats will be hosting their first all-dayer of 2015 on Sunday. Music courtesy of Doe, The Wharves, Chorusgirl, BABIES, Thalassocracy, NUDES, Rodents and Yat. Festivities kick off at 3pm – head down and end your weekend in style.