Posted May 3, 2016


This weekend Spilt Milk celebrate the launch of their promo with three days of live bands and DJs for free.

Things kick off at 7pm on Friday with performances from Fierce Panda‘s Whistlejacket, Leeds newbies Chest Pains and Yowl.

Saturday has the legendary Tigercats, Faux Discx/Caputred TracksDignan Porch, Club AC30 released Fever Dream and T.O.Y.S.

The weekend comes to a close on Sunday with Adlous RH, 3108, Lou E, Melt Dunes and Venn playing live from 4pm.

Special guest DJs will also spinning tunes across all three days.


Acid Tongue – I Died Dreaming

Posted April 8, 2016

Seattle’s garage rock trio Acid Tongue stop off at The Lock Tavern on Sunday 17 April, on their UK tour.

Ahead of that show the band have released a video for ‘I Died Dreaming’ a track taken from their debut EP of the same name via London based cassette label Failure By Design.

Watch that above.

Support for the show comes from The Whig Whams.

Throwing Shade – Monday 21 March

Posted March 21, 2016

Throiwn Shad

We’re very excited to host this one off DJ set from the amazing Throwing Shade.

“Throwing Shade is an experimental electronic pop artist from London, a.k.a. Nabihah Iqbal, but it’s also a club-borne meme-idiom that has come to embody a central gesture of collectively-constituted subjecthood in our age. That is to say, when they see us out here, they regard us with hatred, with suspicion, with shade: with a thinly-veiled longing for the failure of the Other, but also for the Other to worship us, to notice us, to at least look at us. In throwing shade, we area priori anticipating catching some, and in doing so, we will know that we exist (cue truisms about haters as a metric for success here).” – Tiny Mixtapes

Lock Tavern Festival Profiles: Rats On Rafts

Posted March 21, 2016

Rats On Rafts

This blog post was originally featured on Lanzarote Works. Words from Shannon Gormley.

Rats On Rafts’ second album Tape Hiss proves that refining doesn’t always mean toning down. Tape Hiss finds the band with a more defined sound, but they arrived at it by overloading instead of whittling away. Tape Hiss is a lot. There’s not a moment of rest on the album. Its crazy ass cover art does a good job of explaining how the album sounds: it’s a collage of zebras shooting out of a river of swirls, mechanical cogs, a pile of skeletons, a sinking ship, and colours blasting across the sky.


Lock Tavern Festival Profiles: Sweat

Posted March 15, 2016

This blog post was originally featured on Lanzarote Works. Words from Shannon Gormley.

Sweat have had glowing mentions in NME, Line Of Best Fit, and DIY Magazine despite only having released two songs, which I guess technically qualifies them as a hype band. But listing to their music, it’s hard to see all that as just unqualified bullshit. Their songs about sleep fucking and drunken seductions stand out from the masses of dance music currently available for their shadowy, moody electronics. Sweat’s music is as inviting as it is dark, and, perhaps due to its rapey subject matter, a little creepy. It draws you into some kind of dark, dingy, and smoke filled club where everyone’s dancing with hypnotic intention.


Lock Tavern Festival Profile: Skinny Girl Diet

Posted March 14, 2016


This blog post was originally featured on Lanzarote Works. Words from Shannon Gormley.

By the end of Skinny Girl Diet’s recent video for “Silver Spoons,” the patented leather clad trio have taken down four men, hypnotized one, and chased off another. In the video, they play pro-women vigilantes who show up and take charge whenever a woman finds herself surrounded by a male bicycle gang or frisked by an aggressively touchy policeman. In their high heels and tight all black, the band are unapologetic feminine and unapologetically feminist.



Posted March 9, 2016

Icelandic trio Samaris will play The Lock Tavern on April 5th. For the first time their electronic tunes are accompanied with English (instead of Icelandic) vocals. Wanted 2 Say is a song best described as dark romantic, dreamy and catchy.

Listen to Samaris’ new track ‘Wanted 2 Say’ below.

The Lock Tavern Festival 2016

Posted March 2, 2016



The Lock Tavern Festival returns for it’s third year with another incredible lineup of the best up-and-coming bands and DJs from the UK and beyond.

Building on the festival’s growing reputation for showcasing breaking bands in an intimate space, the pub will once more host a collection of emerging artists and high calibre DJs alongside food stalls and Easter themed activities.

Riottt girl trio Skinny Girl Diet return to headline while South London psych-pop troupe Sweat, post-punks Rats On Rafts and much admired garage rock trio Virgin Kids are also a welcome addition to the bill.

Unabashed Lock Tavern favourites Riddles are set to perform along with Brighton bands Morning Smoke and Gang.

The weekend’s early hours will be seen in with sets from the likes of Boxed In collaborators Formation, DJs from White Heat, Field Day, Snap, Crackle & Pop, Night Terrors, SEXBEAT and Bad Vibrations.

Throughout the course of the weekend, we’ll be treated to an expanded burger and pie menu from our kitchen residents The Merriweather Ration Club and some of London’s finest street food vendors.

Many more bands, day line ups and stalls are set to be announced. Entry is free with RSVP via Dice below.


Up and coming psych outfit Chaika drop new track

Posted March 1, 2016


Having recently landed support slots for the likes of Demob Happy, Cheatahs and The Telescopes, we’re excited to welcome up and coming Leed’s based psych outfit Chaika to The Lock Tavern this Friday for the next Pink Moon show.

Check out their brand new track “The Quietness”, premiering over on DIY right now.

Lou E to play The Lock Tavern

Posted February 23, 2016

lou e

Even though Lou E is pretty new to the South London scene –he’s only 18 after all– he’s already got a lot to say. Louis Milburn’s (who’s behind the moniker Lou E) songs are soft and languid, full of picked acoustic guitars, bouncing bass lines. and Milburn’s sleeply vocals. But his lyrics spare no one, like when he goes after seekers of spiritual clichés on “What Do You Do It For.”

Considering Milburn has three albums worth of unreleased songs, he probably has many other concerns to hash out. He releases his debut at The Loch Tavern on 24 February, so that’ll at least give us a taste of Lou E’s further mental considerations delivered through some seriously beautiful and catchy music.

Listen to “What Do You Do It For” below.